BindingWire OÜ

Tehase 3, 20104 Narva Ida-Virumaa

Number of employees:
Mr Artjom Malovanenko, Manager in Estonian, Russian, English
Export countries:
Finland, Poland, Germany, Czech Republic, Italy
Estonian Chamber of Commerce and Industry

HANSA WIRE is a double loop binding wire (wire O or O wire) for fast and convenient binding of calendars, books, stationery, documents. The best price for the 100% made in EU quality! We produce top-quality double loop binding wire from nylon coated wire. It is considered the best in the World. We have on stock white, black, blue, silver and gold colors. By special request we can produce other colors also, on request we can produce using eco friendly degradable wire. We use the latest technology. Our brand new forming machinery produces the highest standard of binding wire quality. We produce binding wire like JBI, GBC, Ibico, Rillecart

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