Amigtex OÜ

Oja 19, 13516 Tallinn

Mr Ranno Troon, Director in English, Russian, Finnish
Finland, Latvia, Sweden, Denmark, Lithuania
Estonian Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Products for apparel, upholstery, car and special industries, footwear and designers we offer: software solutions optitex, c-design fashion, rhinoceros 3d, romanscad, parmel single-and multi ply cutters, laser cutters (fiber), cnc, plotters unicut, zünd, seron, tkt machinery for fabric printing in sublimatsion, direct print and consumables equipment spreading and montage tables, endcutters, manual cutters, fusing Presses consumables cutter foil, perforated papers, plotter papers, carton, plastic spare parts, consumables and services for zünd (certified), lectra, gerber threads, yarns, filaments (also fireproof) nomex, twaron, inox, kevlar, vectran

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