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Olvi export belongs to Olvi Group. Olvi Group’s parent company is Olvi plc. The Olvi brewery is located in Iisalmi, Finland. Olvi has subsidiaries in Estonia (AS A. Le Coq), Latvia (JSC Cesu Alus), Lithuania (JSC Volfas Engelman), Belarus (Lidskaje Pivo) and Denmark (Bryggeriet Vestfyen A/S). Olvi Group owns majority of the shares of Servaali Oy and The Helsinki Distilling Company.
Olvi Group’s good development is attributable to strong market shares in the operating countries, innovative product development as well as continuous development of operational efficiency.
Starting from 2020 Olvi Group has made great steps towards a better future for next generations: we use only green energy in all of the factories, in A. Le Coq we have started to decrease the CO2 footprint, consuming less of non-renewable resources, contribute to cleaner future, increase the reuse of materials and assume even greater responsibility in people’s health and wellbeing.
We are an experienced export partner, acting for over 5 years and in 51 countries. Our mission is to be an accepted, loyal Partner to all our Partners by adding value through professional internal and external services!

Date Established


Olvi Group export categories: beer, cider, long drink, energy drinks, non-alcoholic beer, cider and cocktails and strong alcohol. We are also opened to private label products in the same categories, but as well in juice, juice drinks, water and soft drinks.


We are interested in finding new partners in Asia, Africa and Middle-East. We are also opened to private label production.


A. Le Coq achievements:
2006 – 2017„Most competitive Food industry enterprise“, awarded 12 times. In 2020, received 3rd place.
2020 – A. Le Coq was nominated a second place in the competition of the most reputable company in Estonia
2020 – switching to 100% green electricity
2021 – starting the “green jump” – 6 big steps towards a cleaner, better future

Corporate Social responsibility

A. Le Coq and Olvi Group are taking great steps in developing corporate responsibility. All Olvi Group companies have common value to be responsible in our actions towards our workers, customers, environment and society overall. To read more about A. Le Coq’s actions in corporate social responsibility, please visit the page: https://www.alecoq.ee/en/a-le-coq/corporate-responsibility/


Our main brands in export from A. Le Coq are:
Beer category (alcoholic and non-alcoholic): Premium, Alexander
Cocktails (alcoholic and non-alcoholic): Le Coq
Hard Seltzers: Pure Spirit
Long drinks: G:N, Johan Freitag
Cider: Hoggy’s
Energy drinks: Dynami:t