Do not miss out on this excellent opportunity to introduce your company and stand among other successful exporters! New export partners create new opportunities!
The Estonian Export Directory offers you a chance to be noticed in this web database introducing Estonian exporters as well as in the directory published in 2024.

What is it?

Estonian Export Directory is an initiative of the Estonian Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Exporting goods and services plays an important role for Estonian companies and economy. Therefore, we in the Chamber of Commerce have always supported companies in finding cooperation partners across the world.
In addition to different export services, we have been issuing the Estonian Export Directory that introduces Estonian companies, on paper and in web since 1995. The Export Directory is the main directory that introduces Estonian companies in a comprehensive way and that will be distributed during the VIP visits in the future as well as by major representatives that are dedicated to introducing Estonia. Estonian companies have seen this as a good additional opportunity to introduce themselves outside Estonia. This year we have taken on updating the web and publication in order to ensure even better quality and better opportunities for the companies.

The project partner for sales and publishing is Menu Meedia OÜ.

How to participate?

  • You do not need anything other than select the package best suited to your company and enter its data.
  • Your company’s data will remain in our web for 12 months after paying the invoice. Additionally, your company’s data will be featured in the Estonian Export Directory published in 2024.
  • You have to enter the texts and data in English. All the information can be updated and changed during the year.

Why should I participate?

  • Your company will be featured in the database and publication introducing the most successful Estonian exporters.
  • You increase your chances to stand out when the publication is distributed to foreign companies in Estonia or their home country.
  • You connect yourself to other successful Estonian exporters and their image.
  • You create new potential contacts on markets where our foreign visits take us.
  • You will be represented in the catalogue that is used by Estonian economic representatives.

Additional information

  • The package can be changed during a year. When upgrading the package, you have to pay the difference of the two packages. To downgrade a package, the difference between the two packages will not be refunded.
  • The database already includes many companies. They have been entered by the Estonian Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Only the companies that have acquired the package will remain public.
  • If you wish to gain access to your company’s data, please read the instructions here.
  • The data for the hard copy directory will be taken from the web database and additional photos will be acquired for the ones who have acquired the “Põhjalik” or “Mõjusaim” packages.
  • An invoice will be sent by Menu Meedia OÜ to those who purchase a package.