Alekon Cargo OÜ

Alekon Cargo OÜ

Saha-Loo põik 4, Maardu linn, Harju maakond 74114, Estonia


Alekon Cargo LLC – is a subcompany of Alekon Property Ltd., founded in 2008, which successfully operates in the field of transport and logistics, offering cargo insurance and international forwarding services with all means of transport, handling of goods (incl. heavy and oversized) – loading, storage and warehousing service, as well as customs and other documents.

The activities of our company in the implementation of the project are characterized by a competent and personal approach based on the experience and professionalism of the employees. We guarantee quality service at the level of European standards. Successful cooperation experience with transport companies ensures a well-functioning work scheme, speed and reliability of our services. We always carefully find out our client’s preferences and needs, which allows us to do our job exactly according to the client’s expectations.

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Alekon customs warehouse owns several warehouses and a vast territory (50 000 m2) and offers the following services: unloading/loading and storage of different types of cargo (oversized and goods under veterinary control), sorting, weighing, winding, labeling, customs clearance, container depot.