Boardic Eesti OÜ

Boardic Eesti OÜ

Valgu tee 3, Libatse küla, Pärnu maakond 87202, Estonia


We are an Estonian subsidiary to a Swedish company Boardic AB. We began by supplying wood-based boards to different companies, but soon started to develop packaging for transporting. Over the years we have improved our solutions, developed several unique designs for different purposes of transport: one-way, reusable, sea transport, heavy goods, special support frames, etc. Our clients are machine, electronics and medicine industries but also food processing and furniture companies. We have developed extensive knowledge of packaging construction for most purposes.
In 2021 we joined our forces with one of the biggest wood industries in Sweden – AB Karl Hedin. Now with a bigger mother company we are able to widen our grasp on the packaging market.

Export Countries

Date Established


Plywood and wooden boxes
Plywood, OSB and hardboard lids and spacers
Plywood frames, supports and special details


Boardic EasyUp Std
Boardic EasyUp Clip
Boardic EasyUp Loop
Boardic E-box-S
Boardic E-box-T