Chemi-Pharm AS

Chemi-Pharm AS

Tänassilma tee 11, Tänassilma küla , Saku vald, Harju maakond 76406, Estonia


Chemi-Pharm AS develops, produces and sells allergen-free disinfection agents, cleaning and maintenance products, and luxury skin care line. Products are exported to 27 countries; the company’s main customers are in medical sector.
The company follows international quality standards ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and EN ISO 13485. Our product development and production aims for the highest standards – maximum safety for our skin and respiratory systems, user friendliness and environmental safety. We are also dedicated to developing infection control management system to prevent the spread of infectious diseases. “Hospital infections are the fourth biggest cause of death after malaria, tuberculosis and AIDS, killing approximately 7 million people a year. Strict rules have to be established to eliminate bacteria and microbes in health premises. With the help of these rules and an effective infection control system, we can and will save tens of thousands of lives each year”, says Ruth Oltjer, the founder of the company.

Date Established


Disinfection of medical instruments
Disinfection of surfaces


• THE EUROPEAN RESPONSIBLE CARE® AWARDS 2020 – CARING IN COVID-19 TIMES: Category 1: “Upholding and reshaping production lines” by The European Chemical Industry Council.

• In year of 2020 Chemi-Pharm obtained Certification of Estonian Successful Company with Creditinfo’s rating for previous year economic results.

• In year of 2016 Chemi-Pharm was given a title of one of the fastest growing enterprises in Estonia by local business paper Äripäev: Estonian Gazelle Enterprise 2016.

Corporate Social responsibility

AS Chemi-Pharm’s aim is to satisfy the needs of our customers, employees, owners, and to guarantee constant development of the company.
Our aim is achieved by:
• offering products which are high quality and safe if used in accordance with safety regulations
• flexible customer service
• highly qualified employees
• safe working conditions
• avoiding environment pollution (particular attention on ground-water, soils and atmosphere)