Cybernetica AS

Cybernetica AS

Mäealuse tn 2/1, 12618, Estonia


Cybernetica is an R&D extensive ICT company with an expertise over 25 years. Today, our technologies are used in over 30 countries worldwide. We specialise in secure e-governance solutions including interoperability, digital identity, tax and customs, cybesecurity and surveillance systems. We have played an integral part in Estonia’s e-state success, having contributed to the i-voting systems, ID-card ecosystem and the state-wide e-government framework X-Road.

Date Established


Cybernetica offers the SplitKey Authentication and Digital Signature Platform, Sharemind privacy preserving technology, and Unified eXchange Platform interoperability platform. We also provide naval awareness systems and border surveillance technology.


Cybernetica operates in areas of government, enterprise, defence and aerospace, research and development, healthcare and energy. We offer a wide range of solutions that cover digital identity, interoperability, cybersecurity, privacy enhancement, naval awareness and border surveillance.


Cybernetica is the architect of the Estonian X-Road, a system that allows allows the nation’s various public and private sector e-service information systems to link up and function in harmony.
We created the first and only i-voting system in the world that is used in political elections in Estonia. Cybernetica had an integral role in creating the Digital Signature Act of Estonia. Our ShareMind technology lets governments and companies analyse confidential data without compromising privacy.

Corporate Social responsibility

Cybernetica actively supports research, development and education. In 2021, we were named the Best Employer Supporting Internships for International Students in Estonia.


SplitKey, Sharemind, Unified eXchange Platform