Eesti Pagar AS

Eesti Pagar AS

Tööstuse tn 34, Paide linn, Järva maakond 72720, Estonia


Leading bakery in Estonia with local market share of over 45%.
Combining old traditions and modern technologies we have created a wide range of frozen bakery products that are being supplied to more than 20 countries all over the world.
Assortment includes traditional rye and wheat breads, rolls and baguettes, sandwich buns, Bake Off pastries, cakes and desserts.
Products are available in retail and Food Service packages, both branded and under Private Label.

Date Established


Traditional rye breads, toast breads and sandwich buns for retail and Food Service.
Sweet and Savory Bake Off pastries for your bakery.
Plate and round cakes for retail and Food Service.
“Bake at home” product range for retail.
Minimize waste with our revolutionary “Thaw & Sell” concept.


We are looking for new customers and distributors all over the world.


Leading bakery in Estonia with local market share of over 45%.
2x bakeries
12x production lines
Production capacity: 220 tons/day
Production volume (2020): 35,0M kg


90% of export sales are done under Private Label.
Many Nordic, Eastern and Western European retail chains and wholesale companies have already chosen us as a reliable partner for production of frozen bakery products under Private Labels.