Ffc logistics oü

Ffc logistics oü

Kauba 3D, 30328, Estonia


Our company was opened as a consequence of timber trading activity. At that time we have developed good links with many Estonian, Russian, British, French and Latvian timber producers and exporters. During a certain period of time a number of them expressed a need for a better and stable transportation service. A decision was made to expand activities into freight forwarding area and we started working via company Vipodeklarant (customs agent) in summer 2009. Later in the year we felt we were ready to open an independent firm. FFC Logistics OÜ (LLC) was registered and started active operations in early 2010.

> long-term partnerships
> strict financial discipline
> active communication & feedback
> growth of productivity including active use of Telecom and IT solutions
> setting and maintaining service quality standards with stakeholders
> well-being of partners, employees, customers
> maintaining and promoting good trading customs, responsibility and transparency in the industry.

Jõhvi, Estonia – Rakvere tn 2
Tallinn, Estonia – Läike tee 2, Peetri
St.-Petersburg, Russia – Ryleeva str. 21, pom. 22-H, part 1

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