Hallberg Mechanics Tartu AS

Hallberg Mechanics Tartu AS


Hallberg Mechanics Tartu AS is a Swedish contract manufacturer located in Tartu, Estonia. The company was established in 2010 even though our history in Estonia started in mid of nineties. Hallberg Mechanics Tartu AS belongs to HSF Group whose roots go back for one hundred years.

In Hallberg Mechanics Tartu AS we are specialized in fine mechanics, but we do also bigger parts. Most of our customers are international high-tech companies to whom we offer CNC turning, milling, sheet metal processing and system assembly services.

Our technical scope, resource optimization and capacity to manage large volumes are our three most important competitive advantages and as part of HSF Group it gives us unique opportunities to use resources efficiently. We can always direct production and assembly between the factories in Estonia and Sweden that will give our clients the best results.

Our customers can clearly see how our personal commitment enables us to deliver high quality on time, in everything we do. In many cases our experienced employees within the group have worked for over three decades with the same customer. Thus, we are proud of the products we manufacture and the companies we work with.

We are happy to take on your existing projects and suggest the ways that we can optimize production. With production units in Estonia and Sweden, we can assign each project to the most efficient and cost-effective unit.

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– CNC turning
– CNC milling
– CNC stamping and bending
– Electromechanical assembly