HANZA Mechanics Tartu and Narva

HANZA Mechanics Tartu and Narva


HANZA is a global knowledge-based manufacturing company that modernizes and streamlines the manufacturing industry.
Through production facilities with various manufacturing technologies grouped into local clusters as well as advisory services, we create shorter lead times, more environmentally friendly processes and increased profitability for our customers.
This means we are contributing to a better and more sustainable future.

The company was founded in 2008 and today has sales exceeding SEK 2 billion, with operations in Sweden, Germany, Finland, Estonia, Poland,
the Czech Republic and China. Among our clients you find leading companies such as ABB, Epiroc, Getinge, Oerlikon, Saab and Siemens.

HANZA Cluster Baltics is a multifunctional manufacturing cluster with a broad range of machines, equipment and appliances to meet your needs. We have two production sites in Estonia.

HANZA Mechanics Tartu offers complete manufacturing solutions for various sectors, including medical equipment and appliances for food industry. In sheet metal production, we perform cutting, bending, punching, welding and powder coating. Our machining services include milling, turning, grinding, EMD and surface treatment. In cabling, we perform cutting, crimping, marking and assembly. We are able to assemble fully functional and tested products.

HANZA Mechanics Narva provides manufacturing solutions in heavy mechanics. Our customers come from the mining, energy, material handling and mechanical engineering sectors. We also offer assembly services, which includes final assembly and testing of systems.

We have ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001, ISO 3834-2 certified factories.

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We offer complete manufacturing solutions: sheet metal, cable harnesses, turning, milling, heavy mechanics, surface treatment, powder coating, welding, assembly, testing and more.


We are looking potential customers who are a low or medium volumes producer OEM, willing to outsource part or full range of production with a growth potential of more than 5 MEUR per annum with us.
We are producing low and medium volume very complex and more simple products with yearly volumes from 1 pcs if needed.
Our goal is not a “sell-buy” relationship, but we are seeking long-term partnership which is based on mutual understanding of the nature of the business and also the needs of the customer and the end-market.
We value trust, transparency and respect of our partners.


HANZA appointed Supplier of the year by 3M (2019)
HANZA Mechanics Tartu “Supplier Excellence Award in a fight against Covid-19″ and “2020 Supplier Recognition Award” by PerkinElmer
HANZA Mechanics Tartu “Supplier award in a fight against Covid-19” by Getinge