Helmes AS

Helmes AS


We are an experienced digital innovation partner. We help companies to build the software they need to grow their business. Our unique methods and team models guarantee world-class service and efficiency.
• 30+ years of experience
• 61 NPS
• 500 customers
• 1000+ experts
• 10+ offices and development centers
Our clients are the leading telecom operators, banks, insurance companies, logistics corporations, healthcare providers and government institutions: Telia, Kühne-Nagel, Solera, Audatex, OECD, e-estonia and many others. Our customers trust us with the design, development, maintenance and aftercare of their most business-critical software solutions and complex system integration projects.

Date Established


Our main service: world-class product teams.
We specialize in:
• Custom software solutions and consulting
• Enterprise system integration, incl. IOT
• Business consulting and digital transformation
• Data-driven and real-time economy solutions
• Tailor-made machine learning implementation


Our key customers see Helmes as their best external development partner.
Our Net Promoter Score 61 doubles the software industry benchmark NPS, indicating outstanding customer satisfaction.
Through the products we develop we improve lives of more than 100 000 000 people on daily bases.
We have been selected as one of top employers in IT in the market for 10 consecutive years.
Helmes was founded in Estonia, the world´s most digital society. Around 30% of e-Estonia is powered by Helmes.

Corporate Social responsibility

Main principles of Helmes’ social responsibility policy:
We understand that we empower our customers´ impact on the world, and we choose our customers based on our values and company culture.
We are a dedicated supporter of and partner to charity projects focusing on improving physical health and mental well-being and solving environmental problems.
We aim to choose the most impactful way of supporting these projects, be it a direct donation or a charity software solution project.