Incap Electronics Estonia OÜ

Incap Electronics Estonia OÜ

Tehnika tn 9, Kuressaare linn, Saaremaa vald, Saare maakond 93815, Estonia


Incap Estonia’s factory in Kuressaare offers versatile, technologically advanced and cost-efficient production capacity close to European markets. Today our products are exported all over the world. Estonia is an EU country with a dynamic economic environment and many skilled professionals. The country’s business culture promotes the kind of flexibility that is required today in contract manufacturing. With a growing demand for electronics contract manufacturing, especially in demanding electronics applications, Incap is well-positioned to serve its global customer base.

Continuous development of Incap Estonia’s operations ensures compliance with the strictest requirements. Special attention is paid to the efficient ramp-up of new products, shortening their time-to-market and giving customers a clear competitive edge in their markets. Incap Estonia is part of the Incap Corporation, which is a globally operating electronics manufacturing service provider with factories in the UK, US, Slovakia, and India, a sourcing team in Hong Kong and headquarters in Finland.

The modern factory has 7,300 square metres of total floor space. Incap has been operating in Estonia since 2000.

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Prototyping & engineering, PCB assembly manufacturing, box build assembly, customised solutions, sourcing, purchasing and logistics, and after-sales services.


Silver-level recognition for mental health advocacy 2023​
Responsible Business Index, Gold Level 2023​
TOP 1 Foreign Investor of the Year 2022​
Saare County Exporter of the Year 2022​
Saare County Employer of the Year 2022​
Family Friendly Employer, Gold Level 2021​
Responsible Business Index, Silver Level 2021​
Saare County Exporter of the Year 2021​
Best Regional Internship Provider 2021​
Saare County’s Student-Friendly Employer of the Year 2021​
TOP 3 Foreign Investor of the Year 2021​