Jalax AS

Jalax AS

Tootmisbaasi, Mündi küla, Paide linn, Järva maakond 72762, Estonia


Jalax manufactures a wide variety of details and components according to the client’s needs and requirements. We can manufacture details from sheet metal and tube profiles, weld these to components and powder coat all products. Our team of engineers preparing new projects by creating detailed production drawings and tooling for our production department. They also can help customers in new product development phase for finding suitable technology.

Jalax AS technology includes laser cutting, CNC bending and other processing of both tube and sheet metal material. Our modern Trumpf equipments allows us to perform a wide variety of metal processing processes on site at the factory, without the need for number of subcontractors for different jobs, allowing us to offer a competitive final product prices to customers.

Welding is a central part of our production, where most of previously manufactured details comes together. TIG and MAG weldings are available. Jalax has one of the biggest quantity of continuously operating welding robots in production.
Our powder painting technology also makes it possible to ensure a powder coating that meets the requirements of the C4 environment. After painting products will be assembled and packed according customers needs. We can also provide to key customers VMI storage solution for rapid consumption of high volume products.

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Production services:
• Tube lasercutting
• Tube bending
• Sheet metal lasercutting
• Sheet metal bending and stamping
• Milling and turning
• MAG robot welding
• TIG and MAG manual welding
• Powder painting
• Assembly and packing
• VMI stock handeling


Experience in metal Components:
• Healthcare
• Home and office furniture
• E-commerce lockers
• Metal cabinets
• School furniture