M.V.Wool as

M.V.Wool as

Angerja tee 32, Hüüru küla , Harju maakond 76911, Estonia


M.V.Wool AS was founded in 1988 and has become one of the biggest fish production and sales
companies with the longest traditions in Estonia. The company deals with fresh and frozen fish
production as well as sales of various different fish products. M.V.Wool has a leading position in chilled fish and fish product market in Estonia. Also we export our products to different international markets (France, Belgium, Italy, Sweden, Finland, Japan, Norway, Middle East, etc). The turnover in 2020 was around 17,5 million euros and we give job to 120 people.
M.V.Wool has 2 processing plants:
The Harku plant has a capacity of about 5000 tonnes of goods produced per year. This includes 1,500 tonnes of cold smoked salmon, 2,000 tonnes of fresh salmon fillets, 1,000 tonnes of hot smoked salmon and a smaller quantity of marinated (graved) salmon.
The Vihterpalu plant has a capacity of about 2000 tonnes of goods produced per year.
M.V.Wool is IFS Food certificated company. We also have the Kosher and HACCP certificates.
The reliability and sustainability of the company is also confirmed by the fact that M.V.Wool’s founder and managing director Mati Vetevool was awarded in February 2012 by the President of Estonia with the 4th class Order of the White Star. As well as M.V.Wool is a family company that is powerd by three generations of family members.
M.V.Wool uses fresh Norwegian Salmon and dry salting method in order to guarantee the best taste and quality of the products.
In the production of the cold and hot smoked fish M.V.Wool uses crushed beech wood, as it keeps the amount of benzapyren in the fish significantly lower than the required standards. The production has fully automatic smokers.

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We make Private Label and different recipes according to our clients need.

Our products:
Salmon fillet both chilled and frozen. Different trims A,B,C,D,E
Cold Smoked Salmon and Trout
Salted Salmon and Trout
Gravad Salmon and Trout
Salmon and Trout portions
Hot Smoked Salmon and trout


Our brand is M.V.Wool