Meiren Engineering OÜ

Meiren Engineering OÜ

Väike-Männiku 7, 11216, Estonia


Meiren Engineering OÜ is one of the leading snow plow producers in Northern Europe.
Meiren products are mainly known as professional and innovative tools for high quality snow removal.
Meiren products are well known in Nordic- and Baltic countries .

Date Established


Snow removal equipment for truck, tractor, wheel loader and SUV.
Diagonal snow plows;
Side wing snow plows;
Under body snow plow/ scraper;
V- snow plows; Airport snow plows;
W- snow plow;
Rear snow plow/ scraper;
Rotary broom;
Hydraulic control system for trucks.
HUMUS products


Meiren has two patented solutions:
1. Bidirectionally shiftable snow plow lifting frame (SideShift function), it enables the driver to shift the snow plow to left and right, to maneuver in tight places or to clean the track from edge to edge.
2. Polyurethane blade holders, that allow blades to copy the road surface (best possible cleaning result), overrun obstacles (like manholes) and lowers the noise. In result, the cleaners can use less salt, less time for repairs, less noise pollution.


Meiren – snow plows and rotary brooms
Humus – tractor trailers, buckets and grapples