Mikskaar AS

Mikskaar AS


Mikskaar is an Estonian family company and one of the largest peat producers in the country. 38 people work in our company at different locations in Estonia. Our peat fields are well chosen and cared for, far from any pollutants and free of weed. Mikskaar bogs are in different locations all over Estonia thus enabling us to make optimum mixes for any customer. Different peat types are needed depending on the technology, use, climatic region, crop and several other circumstances and the different bogs make it possible to make peat mixes according to the customers’ needs and wishes.
In our factories we produce a wide variety of peat-based products since almost 30 years. Our state-of-the-art screening, mixing, and packaging facilities have a high production capacity, strict quality control and very good flexibility. All Mikskaar products have the RAL quality sign ; the user can be sure that the product is reliable and that it has been analysed according to the agreed and accepted norms. Mikskaar substrates are used by greenhouse growers, nurseries and landscapers all over the world, we export to 60 countries in Far-East, Middle-East, Australia, Europe, Africa and the Americas. Besides high quality substrates we also offer logistic services, we bring the products to your door wherever you are.

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Mikskaar has a wide variety of peat substrates for germination, tray cultivation, repotting, hydroponics, landscaping. All products are produced on order, are fresh and ready for use. Choose MXS for germination, MXL for repotting. Peat moss for soil improvement. Logistic services available.


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