Net Group OÜ

Net Group OÜ

A.H.Tammsaare tee 92, Tallinna linn, Harju maakond 13423, Estonia


Net Group is a Business and Software development company passionate about supporting change inside organisations and bringing positive impact on a global scale. From startups to private and public sectors, we help to drive innovation, develop sustainable business models & build software solutions powered by AI. Established in 1999, we have a proven track record for multiple private-sector innovation and digitalization success stories and we have developed many important software solutions for digital public services, including eHealth services, a paper-free court system, national library digital services and an AI-based solution called Bürokratt, an AI chatbot for government services.

We are experts in:
– Business Model Innovation
– AI-based e-Commerce
– Product Development
– Software Development (UX/UI, Java, .NET, PHP. Apps, AI)
– Large Language Models (LLM)
– Digital Health
– e-Governance
– FinTech
– Utility sector digitalisation

Date Established


Consultancy: Business Model Innovation, CTO as a Service, Product Development, AI.
Software Development: Proof of Concepts, UX/UI, JAVA, .NET, PHP, Apps, AI-powered PIM, LLM based document processing and search, product development, staff augmentation.


Depowise – investment operations & compliance monitoring solution –
Synerall – customer service and invoicing software for energy companies –