Paar oü

Paar oü

Ilmatsalu 3 G, 50412, Estonia


Each and every customer is important to us. If the customer has an idea but does not know how to realise it, we are ready to help and advise. We always put the customer’s wishes and requirements first. Our aim is to achieve the best possible match between the design and the printed result, both in terms of price and quality.

Paar has offices in Tallinn and Tartu, we have been in business since 1992. Our team of 22 members is dedicated to providing and improving our fast and high-quality printing services every day. We are proud to operate not only in Estonia but also in Finland, Sweden, Norway, Germany and Latvia. We are always open to cooperation in any other country.

Our wide range of products include books and brochures (both soft- and hardcover), promotional materials (handouts, flyers, etc.), spiral-bound printed matter, calendars, magazines, newspapers, and posters. Our customers can benefit from our over 30 years of experience. We offer professional assistance in the design of printed matter and the selection of materials.

Our company prioritizes environmentally friendly production practices. We understand the significance of reducing our ecological footprint and strive to implement sustainable measures throughout our operations. By adopting eco-friendly production methods, we aim to minimise waste generation, conserve energy, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Our commitment to the environment extends beyond production, as we also actively seek out sustainable materials and suppliers who share our values. Through these efforts, we aim to contribute to a greener future and inspire others to follow suit. We were the first in Estonia to use the Suprasetter A74 CTP (computer-to-plate machine) to produce printing plates without the use of chemicals. We received FSC Chain of Custody certification in 2010 as one of the few printers in Estonia. We print with environmentally friendly plant-based inks and have been using 100% green energy since November 2015.

Date Established


Ofset printing, digital printing, soft cover books, staple binding, Wire-O binding, all kind flyers, perforating, calenders and so.


In 2017, we obtained the quality management system certificate ISO 9001:2015. Our further endeavours shall be based on the requirements of the ISO 9001:2015 certificate. We shall conduct risk assessments of quality and focus on risk-based thinking.
Since 2010, we are one of the few printing houses in Estonia to be granted the FSC Chain of Custody certification. We print with nature-friendly plant-based printing inks and since November 2015, we have been using 100 per cent green energy.