Proekspert AS

Proekspert AS

Sõpruse pst 157, Tallinna linn, Harju maakond 13417, Estonia


Founded in Estonia in 1993, Proekspert is a professional IT services company. It provides full-cycle customized software services for established enterprises and is a digital partner for device- and machine manufacturers.

The company’s strength is developing accurate and reliable products from the ground up, helping manufacturers turn ideas into objects that make human lives easier and better.

With embedded software engineering, Proekspert improves existing products and develops new ones with sensors and connectivity to make use of resources in novel, efficient ways, driving the transformation to a greener tomorrow.

Proekspert connects all sorts of devices to the cloud, making products cloud-accessible 24/7, and lays the foundation for developing modern interconnected services on top of products. It enhances products with smart digital services that customers value to create new revenue streams.

The company’s experience runs from bacteria to space. Proekspert is more than a software company, having worked on clever machines and industrial automation, smart screws, production lines, complex device integrations, banking backbones, and management automatics – in short, advancing the new industrial revolution.

The company’s code makes elevators move and heating systems run. Their software helps to grow useful bacteria and make business decisions. It analyzes satellite images and provides self-service to millions of its clients’ customers.

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Proekspert provides custom software development services through four different technology layers: user interfaces; backend services; data infrastructure; hardware and firmware.


The company has four offices in Estonia, yet 70% of its turnover comes from 15 international markets. Its primary markets are Denmark, Sweden, Finland and the US. Proekspert delivers next-gen product- and digital services development projects for multiple global electric equipment manufacturers like Danfoss, Stiebel Eltron Group, and Alliance.

Corporate Social responsibility

Our dream: a world without digital waste.

When end-users are not consulted, or a digital product is created based on some “gut feeling,” the final product that is delivered leads to failure – resulting in digital waste: waste of time, money, talent, and potential.

Proekspert’s vision is a world without digital waste – the total elimination of the inefficient ways of doing things through the creation of new and better human-centric digital solutions.