Solarstone has developed building-integrated PV solutions that replace traditional roofing materials and becomes an integral part of modern construction standards. The company combines hardware and software to provide the number one toolset for solar rooftop installers. Solarstone 500+ solar roofs can be found in 8 countries.

1. Solartone products are roofing material and solar panels at the same time. Installing Solartone modules doesn’t require two separate teams to install two separate materials to the roof, which by its sound is already inefficient in terms of cost and use of material.
2. Highly aesthetic, natural, and visually appealing solar roofs.
3. Solarstone Click-on kit can be combined with any Tier 1 PV brand and model on the market, making the expansion to any market easy as the partners can use panels that have been already certified.
4. Solarstone software enables installers to plan and quote customers with one click, using geolocation and satellite data to automate the full process.

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1. Tiled roof modules. Solarstone building-integrated modules interlock with any concrete or clay tile.
2. Full solar roof with Click-on framing and Tier 1 PV modules.
3. Standing seam steel roof modules.
4. Solar carports and solar frame portal buildings.
5. Off-grid solutions.