Starmaker OÜ

Starmaker OÜ

Vana turg 1, Tallinna linn, Harju maakond 10140, Estonia


Olde Hansa lives according to the old Hanseatic customs, which are expressed in every act and every little detail of the servants, the current dwellers of the house. Everything that you see, hear, taste or touch, has been made by the role models of 15th century, so the traveling visitor entering the house will find themselves in the wheel of time, led by ordinary servant folks as their guides to complete your medieval experience.

At Olde Hansa restaurant we are dedicated to bring you all the wonders of medieval kitchen and spirits what drink masters have created. The Olde Hansa’s cuisine is well-known in particular for its game meat dishes. Aromatic delicacies are made under the watchful eye of the head chef Emmanuel Wille, who attaches great importance to the balance of flavours. In each combination of flavours and in each dish, sweet, salty, sour, bitter and so-called umami must be present. Bear stewed in wild berry sauce, and the elk tenderloin in a truffle sauce can be considered as crown jewels of the restaurant.

The three floors of the Olde Hansa, with its 300 seats, are a dining spot worth discovering!

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Olde Hansa restaurant and Shoppe offers a true Medieval dining experience with a true gastronomic passion. In addition to regular a la carte menu, we offer a variety of different feasts, troubadours and theatrical feasts.


Olde Hansa Restaurant has more than 20 years of history and we have had the honour of welcoming millions of guests from all over the world. Many people say that the road takes them back to Estonia time after time to visit the Olde Hansa restaurant. All the guests are equally welcome in our house, but we have had the pleasure of hosting many delegations from different nations and honourable visitors from all the fields of life.

Corporate Social responsibility

Olde Hansa has taken it on its shoulders, to stand for fair taxes in the restaurant industry, also we want to make sure that every person working in our house is cared for and works in a field they are truly passionate about. We also put great effort into honouring the medieval spirit of Tallinn old town, protected by UNESCO world heritage, by educating both our staff and visitors about these times and restoring all the details of the house as precisely as possible.


Starmaker OÜ is the holding company of the Olde Hansa brand which includes the outlets of the Olde Hansa restaurant, the retail store of Shoppe, and the tavern of Kolmas Draakon.