AS Värska Originaal

AS Värska Originaal

Pikk tn 41, Värska alevik, Setomaa vald, Võru maakond 64001, Estonia


Bottling #1 Estonian natural mineral water, from the untouched Natura reserve

AS Värska Originaal was founded in 1993 but our core brand Värska Originaal – crystal-clear mineral water full of useful minerals that has been dissolving in the water over tens of thousands of years – has been provided to customers to quench thirst and restore mineral levels since 1973.

In addition to mineral water with different mineral levels, Värska has recently added mineral water based flavoured water, sports drinks, functional near water, juice drinks to its product portfolio.

Quality is important to us and this is confirmed by our ISO 22000:2018 quality certification.

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