Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

It gives me great pleasure to welcome you on the pages of the Estonian Export Directory, providing an excellent glance at Estonian economy.

Estonia is a small country on the banks of the Baltic Sea. We celebrate our five thousand years of presence in this spot. It is long enough to make ourselves and our guests feel cozy in the Nordic climate but it is short enough not to lose touch with inspiring and clean nature surrounding us.

Let me introduce the two exceptional events. I invite you to the 100th birthday of the Republic of Estonia. Estonia will celebrate its Centenary in 2018 but many cultural events will take place already in 2017 and will reach the peak on 24 February 2018. The Estonian Song and Dance Celebrations right after the solstice, 100 years from the Estonian Provincial Assembly, or Manifesto to the Peoples of Estonia are some milestones in the events array. Be here or be square.

During the second half of 2017 Estonia will become the epicenter of the European Union decision-making as we hold the Presidency of the Council of the European Union. This is the most prominent international event with great responsibility for us. Estonia will focus on advancing the single market and digital market agenda, the topics close to our hearts. We promote the e-solutions and information society to make lives of 500 million people in 28 countries more convenient and to improve European Union competitiveness.

Estonia is a small, open and interconnected economy – we depend on the success and competitiveness of the whole region. Flexibility allows our economy to cope with global ups and downs and maintain dynamism. Openness, strong economic fundamentals, solid policy performance, and attractive business environment are the key drivers of our rapid economic catch-up during the last 25 years. We care about inclusive growth and development.

The International Tax Competitiveness Index has placed Estonia number one among the OECD countries for three consecutive years. We make our simple corporate tax code even more attractive by lowering the tax rate on regularly distributed earnings to 14 percent from 2018 onwards. Let me remind that we do not tax reinvested earnings.

Emerging technologies provide new opportunities to modernize the provision of public services. Estonians are pragmatic – they prefer, both for private and business purposes, dealing with the government agencies online – to save their time, money and effort. We need to run the day and maintain innovation or the day runs us.

Estonia is a tourism country but should you be unable to come in person, your virtual presence is also much appreciated. Our newly launched e-residency program provides a unique opportunity to manage your company registered in Estonia from abroad. Just sit and relax wherever in the world you are, register online a company in a few hours, and enjoy doing business. In two years our population has gained more than 15 thousand e-residents of which considerable part are active in business.

I warmly welcome you to do business with Estonia!

Jüri Ratas, Prime Minister of the Republic of Estonia

Prime Minister of the Republic of Estonia
Jüri Ratas
Prime Minister of the Republic of Estonia

Welcome to the best country in the world!

At the Estonian Chamber of Commerce and Industry we can proudly consider ourselves the first business address in Estonia. Our goal is to be the first and the best known contact point for both domestic and foreign companies that want to do international business. We provide different services from contact search and business meetings to market research and legal advice. Everything from one single contact point. This Export Directory is one example of our efforts to bring businesses together. In this 2017 edition more than 800 fully operational and active companies are listed with up-to-date contact information.

Estonian businesses and business environment have a lot to offer. Dynamic conditions, easy communication, very low level of administrative burden, innovative business services, extremely simple tax system and friendly people are only a small fragment of the benefits that we provide to boost your business. Companies who have come to Estonia have also stayed here. They all agree that doing business here is best described as easy. Maybe the easiest in the world but certainly the easiest in the Europe! You should come, try and see how it can change your life, save you money and time! Ask us to present all this to you during your next business trip to Estonia.

According to our long-time experience and feedback from foreign companies, we can assure you that Estonian companies produce high-quality products and world class services. We value customer needs the most and think together with them. This has clearly been the main reason why many companies have established their R&D departments here or are outsourcing development service from Estonian companies. We also have the habit of thinking less and doing more. Time is money and you can earn more money if you do something faster and more innovatively than others. Estonian businesses have adopted the reputable Scandinavian business culture and speak many foreign languages fluently, which makes the first contact very smooth. Do not be afraid – come and make the first contact, but be prepared to fall in love forever!

We welcome you to do business in Estonia!

Mait Palts

Director General
Estonian Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Mait Palts
Director General Estonian Chamber of Commerce and Industry

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