Maru Ehitus AS

Maru Ehitus AS

Järvevana tee 5, 10112 Tallinn, Estonia


An experienced and reliable partner for design and construction

Maru Ehitus is a subsidiary of the MARU holding company established in 1991. Our goal is to provide high-quality services that meet our client’s expectations. Our expertise includes general contracting, project management and design services. We have a long-term experience in design and construction of different types of buildings and structures throughout Estonia and Europe. The main strength of Maru Ehitus is our diversity. We are reliable partners to our clients at all stages of the construction process – from working out the concept to handing the keys of the completed building. As part of our construction services, we provide various forms of cooperation, based on the client’s needs and the specific nature of each project.

Our wide array of construction services is based on the existence of a strong and experienced design unit within the company. Reliable management systems in combination with modern design software help us in detecting any problems during the design phase, thereby saving time and money in the construction phase. In-house completion of the entire design process further prevents any discrepancies between different parts of the project, allowing us to choose among the most optimal engineering solutions. The implementation of our design process enables us to react promptly to our client’s requirements, as well as to any changes that may occur in the course of construction. In addition, the building services are supported by subsidiary Maru THM, which executes erection work in buildings and steel structures, cladding works. This shortens construction time, while allowing for the provision of optimal prices and high-quality work.

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